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Made with Sun and Castelão

  Located in Palmela on the Setubal peninsula, less than an hour by road from Lisbon, the vineyard and winery of Pegos Claros sits quietly. There are no big signs, … Continue reading

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Cian McCarthy A Talented Live Export

Cian McCarthy – from Cork to Broadway to London’s West End 14 March 2013 It’s the hottest ticket in London, already booked out until May at least, The Book of … Continue reading

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A quiet chat with Kurt Elling May 2013

Tired from a chest infection in his hotel room in Norway, Kurt Elling was a trooper and a gentleman on the ‘phone ten days ahead his performance at the National … Continue reading

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Interference – 28 April 2007

Where has Interference been all my life? The recent Interference gig at Cork Opera House was a revelation and best gig of the year so far. I was on the … Continue reading

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Iceland Airwaves 2016: Bjork sings with strings

You could hear an icicle melting in anticipation of Bjork coming on stage last Saturday. Headlining the five-day 17th Iceland Airwaves music festival, fans of all ages gathered in the … Continue reading

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Mallorca – rich in history and great food

My trip to Mallorca in September 2019 was rich in historical reminders of what Spain has endured and enjoyed. The shorter, travel focused version of this more lengthy article, appeared … Continue reading

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Carluccio – remembering lunch

It’s nearly 20 years ago since I met Antonio Carluccio and his wife Priscilla. By way of tribute to a man of food,  this is the article published in the … Continue reading

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Beyond Parnham– for furniture designers

A celebration of a 40 year old UK based design college is not a book for the general public. And it’s just as well as only 1,000 copies have been … Continue reading

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Cook Well, Eat Well. And he does.

Rory O’Connell is a master educator. Whether at Ballymaloe Coookery school or on RTE1’s television programme How To Cook Well, he is at ease with words, knows his topic and … Continue reading

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Dingle Dinners. And drinks

Dingle Dinners Compiled and edited by Trevis L. Gleason. Hardback €24.99 Collins Press A compilation of recipes from chefs and food producers in the Dingle area of Kerry, this is … Continue reading

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The chips are not down in West Cork Burger

It’s not easy to find a good burger these days. Plenty of diners have them, but they are often (not always) over-processed, rubbery and/or tasteless. What a relief, then, to … Continue reading

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Tuna handy and often healthy

See my survey of tuna tested recently at…/top–8-takeaway-tunas-tested-452508. html. It’s difficult to know exactly where our tuna comes from so I had to delve deep for this survey. Sally … Continue reading

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