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Rouille – the best ever sauce

  _mg_8512-red-peppers (pic Arna Runarsdottir) The groundbreaking chef of the late 1970s Michel Guérard (now aged 83) brought out two books that made me sit up and take notice: Cuisine Minceur … Continue reading

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Nuts for health. Walnuts in detail.

As an addition to my nut spread survey in the Irish Examiner 9 October 2015, there is much to say about the value of including nuts in the diet. I … Continue reading

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Crab Apple Jelly Recipe

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness isn’t far away so collect jars now to have to hand and forage to make the most delicious jars of jams and jellies … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour Barbecue Marinade

Easy to prepare, this can be kept ready for use for at least a week. It suits perfectly the pork chops and fillets I reviewed in the Irish Examiner 12 … Continue reading

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Midweek dinners – easy and quick

Try these and let me know how they go. .@RozCrowley1‘s quick & tasty midweek dinners | (GM)

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Fancy Salty Crisps?

crisp survey A look here at salt-flavoured crisps at a wide range of prices. They have less additives than crisps with other flavours so are often gluten-free. Many flavours need … Continue reading

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Mushroom Ketchup – an interesting alternative

Following my tomato sauce survey in the Irish Examiner on 15 August, here’s another idea, using mushrooms. Roz’s Mushroom Ketchup While this is a recipe I put together years ago, modified … Continue reading

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Inishbofin malt bread

Inishbofin Malt Bread This recipe comes from Taidgh McDonald head chef at Inishbofin House Hotel & Spa. It has the deep flavour of a sourdough without all the waiting, the … Continue reading

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My best pancake mix

Mea culpa, I forgot to put this in place before Lent. But pancakes make an easy lunch or supper at any time of year, so here is my foolproof recipe. … Continue reading

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Quick Blender Scones

  These are easy and good to make in a machine which will keep it lighter than when kneaded by hand. 100g of the white flour can be replaced by … Continue reading

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Valentine’s night easy food

This article appeared on the Irish Examiner on 13th February and has recipes I have created and tested extensively. They cannot fail. A little more information: I often slice the … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day foodie treats

  Need help in find treats for the foodie in your life? Go no further and find something here to suit all tastes. This article appeared in the Irish Examiner … Continue reading

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