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My best pancake mix

Mea culpa, I forgot to put this in place before Lent. But pancakes make an easy lunch or supper at any time of year, so here is my foolproof recipe.

Use this at any time of year with seasonal fillings. Just now creamy cauliflower spiked with chilli is delicious, as is barely wilted spinach and a blog of cream cheese. I make savoury pancakes when we want comfort food, but anything more starchy seems too heavy. Further ideas for pancake fillings are on my feature in the Irish Examiner of 3 March.…/flippin-great-recipes-to-make-your-pancake– tuesday-260561.html

I tried lots of pancake mixes and ready made samples for a survey on 28 February’s Irish Examiner, but really, no matter how cheap, they are not worth the money.

Roz’s Basic Pancake Recipe

This recipe will ensure that your pancakes are light and full of flavour. Any plain or self-raising flour will do. You can use spelt flour or a mix of buckwheat and plain to resemble Russian blinis, eaten with smoked salmon, hard boiled eggs and caviar, but they can be quite heavy, so use more plain flour than buckwheat.  Watch sell by dates on eggs and buy the freshest possible. Choose a frying pan with the lowest sides so steam can evaporate efficiently to get them crisp.


125g flour

3 eggs

250ml milk

30g melted butter.


Mix all together in one go until well blended. Allowing the mixture to stand for half an hour may improve it marginally, but use it straight away if necessary.

Heat the frying pan and rub it with a little oil or butter. Any more and the pancake will be heavy. As there is butter in my pancake batter, it’s often not necessary to add more oil or butter to the pan later.

Pour the pancake batter into a jug and pour a skim of batter onto the hot pan. Roll the pan quickly so the batter spreads over the pan and replace on the heat. Allow to cook until brown without moving it around. The pancake will only flip successfully when well cooked.

Tilt the pan away from you so the pancake almost slides off, and flip so the uncooked side goes onto the pan. Allow another minute to cook the second side.

Serve immediately or stack and put in a warm oven to keep hot while cooking the rest.



One comment on “My best pancake mix

  1. David
    April 12, 2014

    Savory pancakes are a big favorite of ours, and when we eat them sweet, we love them with prickly pear syrup!


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