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Tuna handy and often healthy

See my survey of tuna tested recently at…/top8-takeaway-tunas-tested-452508. html.
It’s difficult to know exactly where our tuna comes from so I had to delve deep for this survey. Sally Barnes, pictured here, who got top marks from tasters, has integrity and we can be sure that if the fish is not available in Irish seas, she won’t have any. She buys it during the short 6 week season when tuna comes into Irish waters. If freezes well, so buy it when available. Shines use fish caught in Irish waters and send it to Spain to be processed. They have a number of variations of fish and presentation in jars and cans. This is far better than wondering if the fish has been hoovered up by companies with enormous boats which care little about sustainability. I prefer to know exactly where my food has been farmed/caught/harvested/ and so far Irish waters are relatively clean. If only we could avoid the plastic which is still found there. Some work done; a lot more to do.


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