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Tuna handy and often healthy

See my survey of tuna tested recently at…/top–8-takeaway-tunas-tested-452508. html. It’s difficult to know exactly where our tuna comes from so I had to delve deep for this survey. Sally … Continue reading

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Frozen Yogurt – for a treat…/top–8–frozen–yogurts-tested-449350.html My top 8 choices of frozen yogurt will guide you to what I and tasters found the best from supermarkets this summer. Very glad to see an Irish company come … Continue reading

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Fleurie gets the juices flowing – wines of the week

The Beaujolais region is often undervalued and for a while, resting on its laurels, deserved its drop from fashionable dinner tables. It’s back again with a bang, and while we … Continue reading

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Parmesan parsed

Just how much we should pay for parmesan? Parmiggiano Reggiano was the topic of my enquiries last week. Whatever we pay, it is often worth it for its full flavour and … Continue reading

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Extra coffee please

Watch for my coffee survey tomorrow Friday 12 September in which we tasted more coffees that I could fit on the page. Having tasted extensively, these ones didn’t make tasters’ top 8. … Continue reading

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Crisps survey. Lots of flavor. Watch the quantity!

This article appeared in the Irish Examiner’s Feelgood magazine last Friday  18 July. See if you agree with my and my tasting team’s findings. It’s very easy to eat too many … Continue reading

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Pickles a handy preserve

As a new system is being installed in the Irish Examiner, I don’t have a PDF yet for this survey published 20 June 2014. Pickles make for handy summer salads. … Continue reading

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Mayonnaise – the creme de la creme

mayo   The obvious application for mayonnaise is salads, but it’s more useful than that. It’s a good substitute for butter, mixed with tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes as a base … Continue reading

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Sourdough earns its crust

sourdough   Tasting sourdoughs recently wasn’t a terrible task, but a weighty one. Hold on while I get on the exercise bike… One typo appeared on the Barrons Bakery review. … Continue reading

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Great chocolate treats on offer in Ireland for Easter

Easter egg survey 110414 Chocolate available in Ireland seems to get better and better as consumers increasingly appreciate the best. My survey in today’s Irish Examiner is just a small sample of … Continue reading

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Soup survey 2013

This article first appeared in the Irish Examiner on 11 January 2013 and I have just realised it has been in the draft box of this blog since then. The soups … Continue reading

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Marmalades surveyed

marmalade A selection of marmalades here judged by me and a panel of toast and marmalade lovers. Here are our findings.

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