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Extra coffee please

Watch for my coffee survey tomorrow Friday 12 September in which we tasted more coffees that I could fit on the page. Having tasted extensively, these ones didn’t make tasters’ top 8. However, their opinions are just that, so you may have other

Starbucks medium house blend, 227g €4.99

100% Arabica

A little bitter and not as full flavoured as many of the other samples, it tasted better when made as a latté.

Score: 5.75

Marks photo& Spencer Peruvian coffee, 227g €5.19

A little nutty, the taste of this new 100% Arabica coffee is smooth and easy. No strong bite that we expected from a no 5 strength, so it disappointed those who wanted more of a hit and no-one got the chcolate and almond note described on the pack.

Score: 6


Bewleys Organic Guatemala, 227g €4.49

Commendably organic and Fairtrade, this mild/medium no 2 roasted Arabica bean coffee was quite bitter and while mild as expected with a no 2 blend, lacked deep flavour.

Score 6.



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