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Chocolate Icing

I got this recipe from a book by Jocelyn Dimbleby who is the cookery writer I have followed since buying her first book in 1978. I have never had a failure from any of them. This one, The Jocelyn Dimbleby Book of Entertaining, was published for Sainsburys

The icing is ideal for a simple covering of any kind of cake that needs a good finish. It covers a multitude of sins, so any broken or cracked surface will be repaired instantly and taste a whole lot better for it. The honey helps to give it a glossy finish.

125g dark chocolate

2 teaspoons honey

50g butter

Melt all three ingredients carefully. This can be done in a bowl over simmering water, but I use a microwave on lowest setting for 2 minutes. Mix well as it cools and thickens. Pour fairly quickly over cakes, before it has a chance to set.



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