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French Food and Wine Festival







Despite the blustery day, with high winds buffeting the marquees, dedicated foodies arrived at this event to sample some delicious food. Organiser Isabelle Sheridan of #OnthePig’sBack persuaded friends to travel from France to show us how to cut raclette cheese using a long warming lamp to melt it gently and a long knife to skim off the cheese. Another had a superb joint of ham to serve on bread or with couscous. David Shorten, of O’Donovans meats, has been making chocolates for two years and his fancy handbags are a work of art. Beside him #Diva of Ballinspittle was selling decadent treats. French woman, rock singer and masseur #PascaleLutz is now making jewellery which she sells for under €15. At #Laspoon there were delicious macaroons and other French treats.

Outside, on her second outing, Amy Musgrave of #Crunch served heathy foods from her cheerful van which can be commissioned for sports events and exercise gyms. From decent coffee to organic, crunchy salads, this is a good new idea for after exercise when we need to eat light and nutritious food to avoid undoing all the good of a workout. She’s good to talk to about nutritional value and watches every ingredient she  puts into her mixes. Claire O’Brien of Gan Gluten braved the elements between marquees with her delicious food.



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