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Salad ideas to ring the changes during this superb summer


All in together

Grate unpeeled courgettes and mix with cubed tomatoes, chopped spring onion and grated parmesan, crumbled feta or broken up Toonsbridge mozzarella. If this isn’t available any fresh mozzarella will do, or try some semi soft goats cheese. Add olives or a few anchovies and some cubes of toasted leftover bread rubbed with garlic. Drizzle with olive oil, a teaspoonful of balsamic or wine vinegar. Top with shredded lettuce and a handful of oregano or basil leaves. Mix just before serving. A meal in itself.

A Meal of French Beans

Cook French beans until they still have a little bite. Drain immediately and refresh under cold water or in a bowl of iced water. Place in a bowl with grated hard boiled egg and ideally a few sticks of barely cooked asparagus. Top with olive oil and a little crunchy salt.

Slice cooked French beans thinly. Mix with grilled almonds to serve with grilled flat fish. Good with trout too.

Herbed Quinoa

Roughly chop fresh mint, thyme, oregano, basil, parsley, coriander. Add to cooked quinoa, bulghur wheat, white rice or couscous. Add  chopped spring or red onion, olives, olive oil, lemon juice.

Sweet and Sour Fennel

Slice raw bulb fennel thinly. Mix with chopped fresh figs (dried are good too) + crumbled feta. Drizzle with olive oil + lemon juice


One comment on “Salad ideas to ring the changes during this superb summer

  1. liz . nolan
    July 31, 2013

    Hi Roz

    On Salads – Paula Mee used two of mine in her article in Irish Times Health supp yesterday – she asked me ages ago. She made a small mention of me nothing grand but still. Hope you enjoyed the lovely weather we had – it is tipping it down today – typical race week weather! Off to UK for 10 days on Sat and then back for LC results! keep you posted Liz


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