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Know your grains

Grain survey Roz-25e0

My survey of grain son Friday’s Irish Examiner Feelgood section will I hope help you to choose what to try. Talking to friends there seems to be some confusion about what each grain is, why it costs so much and how they should be used. They all taste pretty bland, so it’s texture and nutritional value I found most interesting as I tested.

The price of quinoa worldwide has gone up, putting it  beyond the reach of many of the farmers who work in the fields to produce it, such is the demand particularly from Canada. In Well & Good. Midleton,  they try to source the grain from continents other than in South America, but have yet to find it. They say the same problem is arising with Manuka honey which has also become fashionable. We need to watch claims of its extra nutritional value. It’s difficult to believe that enormous quantities of it can be produced to satisfy the supply to major supermarkets, and we may need to watch labels and see just how much Manuka has been added to regular honey to justify its labelling. It’s wise to be suspicious about products which take off because of extravagant health claims.  Once demand increases, companies can take advantage and we consumers need to be our own watchdogs. I will do what I can. It’s hard to alive that our own local honey is not best for us, and the more local the better.

Quinoa Well & Good



2 comments on “Know your grains

  1. Philomena Maguire Hahnel
    April 27, 2014

    Hello Roz, I liked your article on grains.. it was great to read about the different ones, as I am only learning about them in my nutrition course. I posted your article on to the nutrition form of the institute of Health Science, who are running my course for the other nutritional students to read too. All the best, Philomena Maguire Hahnel

    • rozcrowley60
      May 1, 2014

      Great to hear from you, Phil. Thank you for the feedback. I will keep adding to it as I discover more. Have just updated.


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