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Coleslaw reviewed

My survey of coleslaws bought mainly in supermarkets appears in the Irish Examiner 1 August, in time, I hope for long weekend barbecues.

photoColeslaws are easily made by shredding cabbage, by hand or pulsing in a blender until barely shredded. A simple slicer is good too as long as the pieces are thin and even. Many of our samples were quite bulky which made them less appetising.

Coleslaw is good with mayonnaise and from our mayo survey we know that Hellman’s is best, apart from homemade, of course. However, I like Yotam Ottolenghi’s idea of labneh (made from goat’s milk), or his alternative of a cup of thick Greek yoghurt with a finely grated clove of garlic and a drizzle of olive oil added. He dresses the vegetables first with hot vinegar and olive oil mixed with a little sugar and salt. This comes from his Jerusalem cookbook and is delicious. Here are my ideas for varying the combinations.

Try using:

Thinly shredded:

Red cabbage

Carrot and apple


Raw beetroot

Onion, ideally slightly sweeter red, spring or shallots

Young uncooked broad beans or lightly cooked larger ones

Shredded cabbage stalks

Sultanas or raisins, apricots

Fresh figs


Large handful mint, parsley and coriander




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