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Parmesan parsed

Just how much we should pay for parmesan? Parmiggiano Reggiano was the topic of my enquiries last week. Whatever we pay, it is often worth it for its full flavour and … Continue reading

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UCC courses

Funding is possible for courses in UCC on cheese making and icecream production. Follow a long line of successful food manufacturers who have benefited from UCC courses. Worth  exploring.

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A Crop of Cookbooks

Read my reviews of this year’s cookbooks and tell me if you agree with my comments. Happy Christmas!

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Christmas gifts @ €5. Possible?

Christmas gifts up to €5 Published 4/12/15 Irish Examiner This year the recession is not quite over on this page, and the task set for me was to find delicious … Continue reading

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Snacks for Kids – Of Any Value?

Junior bites

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Eats Shoots and Leaves and a few berries

From July’s article in the Irish Examiner. Each season brings its own bounty.…/foraging-for-food-leads-to-some-tasty-treats- 343967.html

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Nuts for health. Walnuts in detail.

As an addition to my nut spread survey in the Irish Examiner 9 October 2015, there is much to say about the value of including nuts in the diet. I … Continue reading

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Who Cuts the Best Mustard? Survey

This survey appeared in the Irish Examiner Friday 14 August 2015. Tell me what I missed!…/top-8-mustards-tested-348074.html

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Mark Hix’s Recipe for Success

See my feature on this down to earth, savvy chef at He was fun to interview and I also enjoyed listening to him talk to restaurant critic and former … Continue reading

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Crab Apple Jelly Recipe

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness isn’t far away so collect jars now to have to hand and forage to make the most delicious jars of jams and jellies … Continue reading

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Idaho Gelato opened today

Wonderful to see a new business opening in Cork. This one is a sister to Idaho café, and is located a door down from it in a space we hardly … Continue reading

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Sweet and Sour Barbecue Marinade

Easy to prepare, this can be kept ready for use for at least a week. It suits perfectly the pork chops and fillets I reviewed in the Irish Examiner 12 … Continue reading

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