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The Juice – Vinous Veritas Jay McInerney

For those of us who take food and wine books to bed, snuggling with Jay McInerney is an 11 tog duvet. His words are easy, comfy, ticklish, playful.  But there’s serious heat in it too. Wine columnist with the Wall Street Journal and regular contributor to the Guardian, New York Times and Corriere della Sera, his seven novels include Bright Light, Big City. He brings his New York wit and observations to this book, a series of essays on wines, their provenance and winemakers. Nicolas Joly of Coulée de Serrant is featured. A producer whose wines make a good case for biodynamics, he deserves to be celebrated, but McInerney voices an argument made by those against the system too. Old and new worlds are covered, reds and whites and even rosés. This is a book for wine lovers who have enough guides to vintages and want to learn about producers’ way of life and thinking. There is much to learn, but mostly to simply enjoy. My only criticism is that some facts are repeated in essays obviously written at different times, perhaps for different publications. A good book to bring to a dinner party with a bottle of wine.

Published in hardback by Bloomsbury.


One comment on “The Juice – Vinous Veritas Jay McInerney

  1. sonomaist
    December 1, 2012

    Interesting. I grew up reading Jay McInerney’s books and thought it was a match made in heaven when I got a little older and he started writing about wine just as I was developing my palate. I really enjoyed Bacchus and Me but then found some of his later writing verged into some pretty pretentious territory. Maybe it was just me, but there seemed to be a difference. I don’t know if you found that to be the case. It sounds like this new one he might be back down to earth. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers!


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