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Dirty Great Love Story

Credit Richard Davenport


90 minutes of laughs with two versatile performers is the recipe for this clever tale of love expressed, love suppressed, love in different guises. Richard Marsh and Katie Bonna tell the tale of two romantics who wake up beside each other. What they think of each other is played with the help of several characters with contrast so we are never in doubt at who’s who. Written by both of them mostly in rhyme, it never flags and yet manages not to exhaust the audience. Well observed contemporary references are delivered with just the right amount of wordplay. It’s effortlessly funny and less-is-more-ish. Directed seamlessly by Pia Furtado, it is well deserved of its Fringe First award win. Sold out in the Soho theatre, it moves soon to New York. If it reappears in London or at a stage near you, I suggest you book



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