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Iyers South Indian cuisine at its best

576672_189721541184788_534120393_nToday’s lunch in Iyer’s on Camden Quay, Cork was a treat. Grantham Iyers makes his own pastry for samosas, grinds his own spices for sauces, preparing every element of his food from scratch. If he could grow everything he would. The result is that all dishes have different nuances  and interesting textures. From Coimbatore in South India in the state of Tamilnadu, the cuisine is not overloaded with heavy spicing. The breads are all gluten-free and sourdough based and so a lot of love and attention goes into the slow preparation of all the food. A delicious Adai zinged with flavour, a mango lassi drink was smooth and rich, rota gal (net bread, pictured) was decorative, the sprouted beans and lentils crunchy with lemony freshness. I enjoyed it all so much in the good company of friends that I didn’t take notes or photographs, so there is a lot more to be said about what we ate. We shared a chocolate brownie flavoured with ginger and had it with coffee which was half chicory, half good coffee and half the caffeine as a result.

Caroline and Grantham Iyers open their restaurant 12- 5.30 every day. They are on Facebook which is worth watching for changes and details of offers. They don’t take bookings, so you need to get there early at lunchtime to get a table. They will take bookings in the evenings for parties of 8 or more. Ring them at 087 6409079.


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