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Lime Sorbet for ice-cream lovers

Lime sorbet


This is my conversion of a delicious lemon sorbet I had at St John restaurant in London. It’s the easiest I know as it doesn’t require churning or breaking up during freezing. I put it in used yoghurt cartons so it defrosts quickly. Buy the powdered glucose in a pharmacy. It helps to provide an even texture. This sorbet is a good substitute for ice-cream for those with egg intolerances and who want to feel a little virtuous not eating pure cream.



500g crème fraiche

300ml sorbet syrup

2 limes, zest and juice



Sorbet syrup

400g sugar

325g water

55g glucose


Start with the syrup, by gently heating the ingredients while the sugar melts.

Boil for about 5 minutes until you have a sticky syrup.

Allow to cool.

Mix this into the crème fraiche and lime juice and zest.

Divide into the cartons and freeze until required.

This is delicious on its own or with a chocolate cake. Good with meringues too.


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