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Chateau Haut Maurin delicious

I cannot remember where I bought this delicious, elegant wine, so if it’s familiar can you advise where I might get some more? Made from the usual Semillon grapes of stickier wines, it’s much lighter than many dessert wines from the Bordeaux area. It still has quite enough subtle fruit to suit desserts, salty cheeses and rich patés. Not much information on it on line. I think I may have bought it at tasting rooms. If so it was a  heavy tasting session. Oops!

haut marin 2003


One comment on “Chateau Haut Maurin delicious

  1. Mike
    July 17, 2014

    Hi Roz, we stock this wine in the Wine Buff shops, we are based in Cork on Oliver Plunkett St, glad you liked it. Cheers Mike


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