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Easy recipe ideas from starters to desserts

  1. Chop 500g celeriac + simmer in skim water with 5 cloves garlic until soft. Mash with splash cream + grated parmesan. Good with pork chops, turkey, beef
  2. Add raw fillets whiting to vegetable soup. Top with blob mascarpone or flecks of goats cheese 4 easy chowder
  3. Add  2 tabsps pulsed Christmas pudding to tub vanilla icecream and re-freeze. Top with toasted almonds 4 festive pudding. Grated chocolate good too
  4. In baking tin top chopped carrots, potatoes, onions, celery + sliced tomatoes with bought puff pastry Gas 6 oven 40 mins 4 savoury tar
  5. Slice leeks thinly and toss in melted butter. Add skim of water and place lid on saucepan to steam until tend
  6. Stir fry halved brussels sprouts in butter. Add splash white wine + teasp sugar 2 mins before serving with turkey.


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