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Easy Christmas food


  1. Liquidize cooked peas with crème fraiche + parmesan 4 easy dip. Add chilli sauce for extra zing. Serve with celery, carrots, red peppers, bread strips
  2. For best flavour, instead of leg of ham, use loin and roast instead of boiling. Brush with honey + mustard. Oven gas 4. Time depends on weight
  3. Sandwich chocolate cookies (bought are ok) with dessp each butter + icing sugar, 1 teasp cocoa powder, drop vanilla extract + 1 teasp milk mixed til cream
  4. Mash leftover roast potatoes with chopped onion, parsley, chilli powder. Shape into patties, coat flour and shallow fry. Serve with grated carrot + yoghurt
  5. Toss whole almonds in hot frying pan with sea salt + chilli powder for serving with drinks.
  6.  Slice brussels sprouts thinly. Mix with balsamic + olive oil. Serve with fried almond slivers for easy seasonal salad
  7. Add tabsp curry paste to softened onions, carrot, celery. Add stock + coconut milk + chopped turkey. Simmer 10 mins. Serve with pitta bread or rice
  8. Cook onion, garlic, carrots, celery in butter until soft. Add chopped beetroot, little horseradish, stock to cover.  Simmer until soft. Puree to serve
  9.  Serve spiced beef with mashed sweet potatoes + chopped parsley. Accompany with shredded cabbage cooked in skim chicken stock + butter
  10. Mix canned corn with creamed coconut, teaspoon tahini + dash tamari or soy to serve with turkey


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