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Wine of the Week Chateau de Fieuzal

F10FIEUBIt’s a treat to come across a wine which gives pleasure when young and just as much as it ages. A white wine that deepens  and delivers more complex flavors with each year is as interesting as a good book you re-read, a painting you move from one wall to another and see in a different light.

Chateau de Fieuzal whites are like that. I am hoping to see what happens as the 2013 goes from its bright, freshness, packed with fruit and at the same time elegance. I expect it to take on a more honeyed flavour as it ages, but who knows how it will go? That is the fun of keeping wine and observing in the glass.

The vineyard is located in Pessac-Léognan in the Graves area of Bordeaux. The red and white wines are Grands Crus Classé.

Febvre import it and will advise of the nearest retailer. Watch for it on wine lists. It’s in The Merrion Hotel, owned by Lochlann Quinn who owns Chateau de Fieuzal. Contact me with information on other lists it appears on and I will add it.  See my article on another page of this blog which focuses on the winemaker Stephen Carrier.



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