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Wine of the Week Calon Ségur

01825_pIf you tasted the 2005 Calon Ségur, you might expect to be disappointed with its following vintage. But no such thing. Ready to drink now (though it will keep for another few years), the 2006 has a typical whiff of cedar from its dominant Cabernet Sauvignon grape. Rounded tannins result in a full-bodied, yet elegant, mouthful that slips down easily.

A third growth Bordeaux, watch for it on good restaurant lists worldwide and celebrate the 55 hectare St. Estephe Bordeaux vineyard in the northern Médoc. Grapes are cultivated mainly in a walled ‘garden’.

Make sure not to drink it too warm. In a recent tasting with Bordeaux negociant Pierre Patrick Lawton, he put an ice-cube in my glass to cool it for about two minutes and then removed it. Tasted before and after it was easy to recognize the sweeter tones of the cooler wine. Délicieux!

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