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Pesto – getting better all the time

This survey aims to lead you the the best pestos available, with some ideas for how to use them. The freshest in the shops are always the best, and with the help of a blended it’s quite easy to make our own.  Relax into using whatever is available on a day. Most nuts will give substance and creaminess. Most cheeses will make some kind of sauce, perhaps not Italian in style, and many leaves – even lettuce – will added texture and color. One of my favourites is parsley, stalks and all. Olive oil is the best oil for me, but I add a little flavored oil when I fancy it, depending on the plan to use it. Keep tasting as you add ingredients. Hold off on salt until the end as cheese might have enough, and add a clove of garlic (grate it in later if you forget it earlier) and lemon juice is worth adding if you think it needs a lift.



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