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Mrs Barron’s Marmalade Tart

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This delicious tart comes from Our Daily Bread – A History of Barron’s bakery, a book I wrote a few years ago which has plenty of good uses for leftover bread. This recipe comes from the current owner Esther Barron’s mother who had a terrific way with comfort food. Make this one to have on its own or to follow a light supper dish. It’s not heavy, but you will need to save a little room for it!

Barron’s bakery in Cappoquin, Co Waterford is well worth a visit to stock up on bread for the freezer, and to have a decent cup of coffee with a sweet treat.

This recipe accompanies my survey on marmalade in the Irish Examiner on 17 January 2014. The photograph comes from the book and was taken by Arna Run Runarsdottir.

Mrs Barron’s Marmalade Tart

At home, Joan Barron referred to this recipe in the more general sense as her marmalade pudding, but it’s really more a tart with a pudding topping, and delicious it is too. The tart orange flavour contrasts beautifully with the softer custard-like topping which is a good foil for the crisp pastry. Any bought or home-made pastry will do – shortcrust is ideal and I have given my own recipe which is quite crumbly. It is too difficult to roll out, so simply press pieces of it into the tart tin. It cuts well too.  Make it before preparing the filling.


1 egg


110g butter

375g plain flour

1 dessertspoon caster sugar.

Mix all the ingredients together to a crumbly texture and squeeze in the hand to bring it into a few balls. Press each ball into a 26cm tart tin or flan dish. The pastry can be easily patched if it breaks up. Refri

gerate for an hour to firm up.


2 eggs, beaten

2 tablespoons marmalade

150ml milk

90g white breadcrumbs

Grated rind ½ lemon

Pre-heat the oven to 180c, gas 4, 350f.

Make and chill the pastry. If using bought pastry it’s best rolled out, put in the tin and chilled to firm it up before adding the filling.

Cover the base of the pastry case with the marmalade.

Beat the eggs and milk. Add the breadcrumbs and lemon rind.

Just before putting into the oven pour the filling onto the marmalade base. Bake for 45 minutes when the topping should still be soft, but a little firm.

Serve on its own with cream or custard.


One comment on “Mrs Barron’s Marmalade Tart

  1. sophiebowns
    January 14, 2014

    Sounds very tasty!


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