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Good line-up for Irish craft beer festival

Plenty of craft ciders as well as craft beers in Ireland should make for a good weekend 4-7 September in Dublin. I’m glad to see that interesting food is becoming … Continue reading

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Ketchup survey – plenty of good ones

ROZ PDF   Of all ready-made products, tomato ketchup is one of the best. At their worst they have at least some flavor; at their best, they can lift dull … Continue reading

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Mushroom Ketchup – an interesting alternative

Following my tomato sauce survey in the Irish Examiner on 15 August, here’s another idea, using mushrooms. Roz’s Mushroom Ketchup While this is a recipe I put together years ago, modified … Continue reading

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Coleslaw reviewed

My survey of coleslaws bought mainly in supermarkets appears in the Irish Examiner 1 August, in time, I hope for long weekend barbecues. Coleslaws are easily made by shredding cabbage, by … Continue reading

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Ice Ice Baby – ice-cream survey

This article appeared in the Irish Examiner on  4 July 2014 ICE, ICE BABY Finding a nice iced treat was an easy task this year. Terrific flavours, in all shapes and … Continue reading

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Crisps survey. Lots of flavor. Watch the quantity!

This article appeared in the Irish Examiner’s Feelgood magazine last Friday  18 July. See if you agree with my and my tasting team’s findings. It’s very easy to eat too many … Continue reading

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Pickles a handy preserve

As a new system is being installed in the Irish Examiner, I don’t have a PDF yet for this survey published 20 June 2014. Pickles make for handy summer salads. … Continue reading

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Mayonnaise – the creme de la creme

mayo   The obvious application for mayonnaise is salads, but it’s more useful than that. It’s a good substitute for butter, mixed with tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes as a base … Continue reading

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Sourdough earns its crust

sourdough   Tasting sourdoughs recently wasn’t a terrible task, but a weighty one. Hold on while I get on the exercise bike… One typo appeared on the Barrons Bakery review. … Continue reading

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Inishbofin malt bread

Inishbofin Malt Bread This recipe comes from Taidgh McDonald head chef at Inishbofin House Hotel & Spa. It has the deep flavour of a sourdough without all the waiting, the … Continue reading

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Know your grains

Grain survey Roz-25e0 My survey of grain son Friday’s Irish Examiner Feelgood section will I hope help you to choose what to try. Talking to friends there seems to be some … Continue reading

April 27, 2014 · 2 Comments

My best pancake mix

Mea culpa, I forgot to put this in place before Lent. But pancakes make an easy lunch or supper at any time of year, so here is my foolproof recipe. … Continue reading

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